EKKA M-FOLD PAPER TOWELis used for hand drying. The size and the folding make it easy to pull from the dispenser.

Use: Hand Towel

Packaging: 16 Packet/Carton

Quantity: 250 Sheets/Packet

Number of Ply: 1 Ply

Material: Pulp

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Ideal for: ​​​
​Hand drying and wiping

Area to Use :
​Restaurant, hotel, restroom, kitchen or cafe

** Not suitable to throw into toilet bowl as it may cause clogging.
Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
With ​EKKA M-FOLD PAPER TOWEL​, your guests and staff will be able to quickly and efficiently dry their hands with ease. Plus, the durable material can be used for spills when needed for multi-purpose use. Strong , strength and Gentle to skin

Features :
1) Folded design helps reduce excess consumption
2) Ultra-ply paper material provides highest level of absorbency
3) Designed for quick and efficient pull from a dispenser
4) Take up minimal space thanks to stacking ability
5) Fresh, white color for a clean look
​6) Strong ​even when wet