EKKA INDUSTRIAL TISSUE ROLL is a low-cost wiping alternative. Designed as an effective, single-use wiper which helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Use: Industrial Use

Packaging: 2 Roll/Carton

1) 600M/Roll
2) 1000M/Roll

Number of Ply: 1 Ply

Material: Virgin Pulp

Details: Extra large roll of tissue paper

Way of Dispense: Floor Stand

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​Ideal for: General manufacturing areas, ​automotive plants, workshops and garages, mechanical services, food processing plants, laboratories, removing grease and oil in tight areas, autoclaves for Healthcare applications, personal wiping in Healthcare, wiping surfaces, absorbing spills, General cleaning.

Area to Use :
​Home, factory, workshop​, laboratories, hospital, etc.​

Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
Features :
1) Strength and durability for general clean-up tasks
​2) High volume, economical and multi-purpose wiper
​3) Outstanding absorbency reduces usage
​4) Strong wiper construction ensures longer lasting performance, maintaining
    strength wet or dry
​5) Single-use, highly absorbent wiper minimizes the risk of cross-contamination
​6) Extremely soft and gentle in texture; especially when wet, making the wiper        
    suitable as a personal wash cloth
​7) Versatile and economical, delivering a balance between performance and value
​8) Efficient and hygienic dispensing systems allow easy access to wipers for
     immediate use, while ensuring that individual wipers are hygienically dispensed