EKKA 825 HAND SOAP is a high strength liquid hand cleaner containing surfactants for more effective cleaning.

Its neutral pH and wood rose fragrance makes it safe and pleasant for regular usage yet is concentrated enough to be an economical cleaner.

Strawberry | Lux | Apple | Lemon

Brand Name: EKKA 825 HAND SOAP

Product Name: General Purpose Hand Soap

Packaging: 10 liter | 20 liter

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Area to Use :
​Highly suited for all general and commercial applications such as
homes, offices, cinemas, shopping centers, light industries and other public areas.

Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
100% biodegradable and highly concentrated hand lotion specially formulated for cleaning hand.
These chemicals effectively with its rich foam and absence of health harsh or abrasive chemicals, leaving hand clean and smooth.

Features :
1) Pleasant​ fragrance
​2) Neutral pH makes it safe for use on hands
​3) Concentrated for greater economy
​4) Fully biodegradable
​5) Works with most liquid soap dispensers
​6) Easy to rinse