EKKA 818 DEEP DOUBLE is an excellent descaling cleaner that contains a specially developed ingredient for speedy removal of surfaces, fungus growth and dirt from mosaic, brick, etc. Despite its superbly cleaning property, it does not affect the substrate treated with this product.

Brand Name: EKKA 818 DEEP DOUBLE

Product Name: Mosaic Cleaner

Packaging: 10 liter | 20 liter

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Area to Use :
​Ideal for floor, wall and other surface in toilets, clinic, hospitals and other institutions where a clean and healthy working environment is essential.

Recommended to Use :
​All place and area with mosaic floor, cleaning process will be much more easy and faster.

Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
• ​Heavy duty acid stain remover
• Highly effective descale, rust & fungus removal
• Suitable for mosaic, tiles, bricks & urinal bowl
• Handle with care, do not mix with chlorinated chemicals

Features :
​1) Removing stains, soils and dirt from mosaic flooring.
​2) Designed for contractors to remove cement stains on new or old tiles, mosaic and concrete floor.
3) It is also effective for removing rust stains and lime scales.​
4) Simple and easy to handle​
5) No irritating fumes and odor​.