EKKA 815 GLASS KLEEN a very special formulation invented for glass cleaning only, this non-Ammonia glass cleaner is concentrated that clean and brightens glass surfaces in just one operation.

Due to its special formulation, EKKA 815 GLASS KLEEN leavers no cloudy film and repel dust after cleaning.

Brand Name: EKKA 815 GLASS KLEEN

Product Name: Glass Cleaner

Packaging: 10 liter | 20 liter

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Area to Use :​​
​Well suited for all glasses surface such as office windows, door glasses, even for car windows.

Recommended to Use :
​Home, Office, Hotel, Hospital, Shopping Mall, F&B, Factory, Education, Bank & etc.
Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
• ​Double-solvent glass cleaner
• For cleaning window, mirror, chrome and glass surface
• Penetrate & dissolves nearly every kind of dirt on glass
• Leave streak free, smear free, crystal clear finish
• Fast cleaning for windows, mirrors, showcases, glass desktops and car windows, chrome and other reflective surfaces.

Features :
​Water based cleaners containing solvent to provide spotless, easy drying results on all glass like surface such as window, mirror, porcelain, glazed tiles and crystal ware.​