A multi-purpose cleaner specially formulated for the widest variety application, EKKA 811 KLEEN ALL excellent for floors, kitchen walls, toilets, cars and others common areas; yet is very safe for human skin due to its neutral pH.

EKKA 811 KLEEN ALL is an economical and yet concentrated chemical, just a litter will produce abundant suds to efficient suspend grease, oil and soil for streak-free cleaning.

Brand Name: EKKA 811 KLEEN ALL

Product Name: Multipurpose Cleaner

Packaging: 10 liter | 20 liter

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Area to Use :​Ideal general multi-purpose cleaner for all kind of hard surface such as ​floors, tiled walls, bath room surface, plastics, paint work, metal, and textile, dishes and cutlery.

​Recommended to Use :
​Home, Office, Hotel,​ Shopping Mall, F&B, Factory, Education, Bank ​and etc.

Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer ​| Supplier ​| Distributor
• ​Highly concentrated neutral multi-purpose cleaner with pleasant fragrance for all type of floor and surfaces
• Suitable for daily cleaning maintenance especially on polished floors because it won’t affect the polish
• Safe to use on most washable surfaces, including floors, walls, benches, vinyl, plastic, paint work, upholstery, windows, mirrors, stainless steel and woodwork.
• Coverage 125,000 sq. ft per 10L

Features :
​1) Mixed easily with soft or hard water and rinses away easily.
​2) Advance synthetic liquid detergent formulation
​3) Highly versatile cleaner effective for most application, safe on human skin..​