Ekka 810A Hi-Kleen

EKKA 810A HI-KLEEN is a highly effective industrial surface emulsifier that looses the molecular binding force of dirt, sludge and grime and oil built-up without damaging the hard surfaces.

Brand Name: EKKA 810A HI-KLEEN

Product Name: Industrial Surface Renovator Detergent Cleaner

Packaging: 10 liter | 20 liter

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A versatile heavy duty water-based multipurpose de-greaser. Non corrosive and non flammable, produce no toxin vapors, ideally for machinery, equipment, floor in factories, oil rigs and ship decks.

Ideal For Use :
• ​Alkaline general purpose cleaner
• Removes dirt, dust, and oil from kitchen top & floor
• For all hard floor surfaces except marble and granite
• User friendly
• Coverage 125,000 sq.ft. per 10L diluted at 1:250 (single solution mopping)

Area For Uses :
EKKA 810A HI-KLEEN can be used to renovate grimy industrial surfaces, floors, equipment and machinery found in automobile repair shop, engine workshop, aircraft hanger, printing plant and industrial plant, etc.

EKKA 810A HI-KLEEN remove the hazards of industrial atmospheric fallout and oil built-up without flammable hazards.
Country of Origin: Malaysia
We are: Manufacturer | Supplier | Distributor